TheoNerd is a blog and podcast at the intersection of various nerd cultures and theology/religious studies. TheoNerd is hosted by Ben and Andrew, both of whom are scholars and huge nerds.

headshot_andrewAndrew is a devoted comic book and superhero nerd, with many long boxes of comics and shelves of graphic novels. He also is fascinated by all things zombie. His scholarship is on practical theology, specifically pastoral theology and lived religion.



Ben has a Ph.D. in philosophy of religion from Claremont Graduate University. His academic work focuses on the relationship between religion and science, American pragmatism, and religious pluralism. He has published scholarly articles in the fields of astronomy, neuroscience, philosophy, and theology. Since 2014 he has been speaking about video games, philosophy, and religion at industry events ranging from 80,000+ attendee fan conventions to professional developer conferences. Between himself and Andrew, Ben is the gamer and loves consoles and PC games.

If you want to see all of Ben’s professional work, click here to view his full CV.


We feature conversations with each other, and with guests about topics in nerd culture relevant to religion and theology.

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