November 15, 2015

Jessica Jones

Netflix is releasing a new Marvel series on November 20th. Jessica Jones is a PI who has given up on her super heroic life for many reasons, including mental and emotional trauma from the Purple Man, Dr. Zebediah Killgrave. Jessica Jones’ story was told in the comic book series “Alias” by Brian Michael Bendis under Marvel’s mature MAX imprint.

The comic book shows a well nuanced and complicated protagonist who is not always easy to like, but who is so much more real than many of the spandex set. It is one of the few times in fiction that sexual assault is addressed in a way that isn’t only for the purposes of making the big bad really hated or to add fake depth to a story.

While my hopes are high for the series based on the quality of Netflix’ Daredevil, please consider purchasing the graphic novels of Alias.

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